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Used Piano | Piano for Sale Malaysia

Piano is one of the most popular types of musical instruments in the entire world. Not only it has been played by world’s greatest musicians like Mozart & Beethoven, but is also the most commonly used instruments by many children and adults, who wanted to start learning music today.  

However, buying a brand new acoustic piano can be incredibly expensive, and will always be the utmost barrier that stops you or your children from learning to play the piano. Not many of us are able to spend thousands of ringgit on a new piano, especially when you’re in tight budget. Therefore, we can always look for alternative way, that is to find a used piano or reconditioned.


Benefits of owning a Used or Reconditioned Piano:

  1. Buy at affordable price, which is normally cost 50% to 70% cheaper as compare to new branded pianos.
  2. Used or recon pianos are usually the perfect choice for beginners, offering them better opportunity to get used on playing a piano first before deciding for an expensive upgrade.
  3. You may still experience the same level of quality (tone) produced and the responsiveness of the action (touch) on a used piano if it is properly maintained or tuned.

Being able to look for a high quality used or recon piano for sales is not an easy task. One may need to spend hours of searching from shop to shop for his/her ideal piano, which also requires certain level of expertise in appraising a piano. 

Therefore, Piano Malaysia is here to be your solution provider. We are partnering with a very reliable & reputable piano supplier, who is known to be one the finest piano specialist in Malaysia. Their entire list of used piano are imported from Japan, fully restored & re-tuned to be like new. Their high quality recon pianos are distributed not only throughout Malaysia (including Sabah & Sarawak), but also to neighbouring countries like Singapore as well. 

We are offering the most popular brands of pianos for sale, which is YAMAHA and KAWAI, both upright and grand acoustic pianos at Piano Malaysia website. We ensure all our listed pianos are value for money at an affordable price. We also provide on-site piano assessment at our KL showroom if you are interested to take a look at your selected model.. 

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